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All donations to PATCH are tax deductible. Receipts for donations are provided.

Checks should be made payable to PATCH and mailed to: PATCH, P.O. Box 871, Chillicothe, MO 64601

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A Gift from the Heart: Donate in Honor or Memory of Someone Special

Honor someone special while helping children maintain connections with their mothers in prison. That's two gifts in one!

In Honor of - Gift given to recognize someone for outstanding service or to celebrate a special occasion. A note will be sent to the person being honored and the name will appear in the next issue of PATCHWORK.

In Memory of - Gift given in memory of someone special. Memorial gifts will be listed in the next issue of PATCHWORK and a note will be sent to the family.

Fill out the form below and submit, then mail your check to PATCH, P.O. Box 871, Chillicothe, MO 64601. Or, fill out the form, submit, and pay by credit card through PayPal by completing your donation below.

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Following memorial/honor donations made to date... 



Reverend Cynthia Buhman
Barbara Pierce
Mary Ann Shaw
Helen Martin
June Pearse
Mike and Kathy Cronan
Dale Whiteside
All the Children
Lou Cowherd
Coleen Scott
Nannie Harmon

Mable Criswell
Raymond M. Boyd
Rita Jones
Waverly Lineberry
William R. Henry
Loretta Pittman
Virginia Glover
Fred and Joan Stephens
Naomi Mullins
Alene Burton
Ruth Seiberling

Another way you can help...

Help prevent child abuse by proudly displaying the official
Children's Trust Fund (CTF) license plate on your vehicle.

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